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"Unable to launch the Java Virtual Machine" ... msvcr100.dll with JDK 1.8u261

Roelof_vSJul 18 2020 — edited Jul 23 2020

Hi all,

Windows 64 bit

SQL*Developer 20.2

JDK 1.8u261

Fresh installation of SQL*Dev and JDK.

With JDK u251, all is good.

With JDK u261, and error window appears:

   Unable to launch the Java Virtual Machine

   Located at path:


Downloading and installing Microsoft Redistributable files for Visual stusio 2010 does not help. Neither does the 2012 version, nor the one for 2015-2019.

I know JDK 8u261 is compiled with a newer Visual Studio (2017, per their readme), so likely that is key to the cause of this error. I have reviewed Support note

  => Java SE 8 Update 261+ and Java SE 7 Update 281+ Runtime Windows Visual Studio Library (DLL) Dependency Changes (Doc ID 2684819.1)

but that did not resolve. It only gives me the idea that SQL*Dev on Windows may need to be recompiled?

The worklaround is simple - use JDK 8u251, but I am concerned about other products in the Oracle stack that may also be affected, e.g. OBIEE, Forms, etc. So I wish to understand this problem better, and whether to advise internally to avoid JDK 8u261.

This post has been answered by Sudhakar-Oracle on Jul 21 2020
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Added on Jul 18 2020