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Unable to import wildcard .p7b file using keytool? (Java 1.8.0_151)

50a9fa02-64a6-4b25-bbfd-31e5aba42304Jan 10 2018 — edited Jan 10 2018

I am attempting to create a new keystore on my CentOS 7 host, so that I can import a wildcard cert (.p7b file format) and create a new keystore.

The following is what happens when I issue the command:

[root@hostname bin]# ./keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias -file wildcard_my_domain_com.p7b -keystore wildcard_my__com.jks

Enter keystore password:

Re-enter new password:

keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Input not an X.509 certificate

The .p7b file is a direct download from the CA authority's vendor.  Any ideas why I might be getting this error?  

Do I have to create the keystore manually before I perform an import?   Or can the keytool utility create the keystore at the time of import?

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