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Unable to export Text data from PBCS application to On-Premise Database using EPM Agent

Darshan JadhavMar 27 2024

Hello Experts,

We are able to Export Numeric data from PBCS to On-Premise database without any issue.

However if we try to export Text data, somehow it is getting converted into random number. and then in it getting imported into On-premise Database.

Our Source is - PBCS application
Target is - Oracle 19c Database

Steps that we followed -

  1. In our existing PBCS application we changed data type of one account to 'Text'
  2. Changed data type of amount column in Database from 'Numeric' to ‘Varchar2’
  3. Run the Data load rule for out bound text data export
  4. We get numeric data (7) instead Text (Hello world) that we can see in PBCS application.

Thank you in advance.

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Added on Mar 27 2024