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Unable to enter password on screensaver for S11.4 active session

YTC#1 - Bruce D PorterMay 8 2020 — edited May 8 2020

Ok, this *may* be a Solaris 11.4 issue, except I don't have the issue when using a phsical desktop.

I noticed this happenong when I upgraded to S11.4 over 12 months ago, and should have done something about it sooner ....

I have SGD 5.4 running in a zone on S11.4.

I can connect OK from various devices (MacOS, Linux, Solaris). However if the screensaver is actie in Gnome 3, then I am unable to enter the user password to unlock it.

The session appears to pressing enter for me. So, I may get one or two chars in and then it activates and tells me the PW is incorrect.

To work around this, I set the screensaver to be off in Gnome 3 on the server/zone. For security I'd obviously prefer it to be on.

When using a physical desktop, I never have this issue.

Any one any idea o anywhere to look ? As I am working on the theory that it is SGD causing the issue.

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Added on May 8 2020