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Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code

Unable to connect when upgrading Version

PeachmanOct 18 2022 — edited Oct 18 2022

I have recently got a new laptop and started a fresh install of VS code & Oracle Dev tools.
VS code = 1.72.2
Oracle Dev tools Version (Not Working Version) = 21.5.0
Oracle Dev Tools Version (Working Version) = 19.3.3
Windows 10 <- Company Managed (might be a factor??)

I have been successful in connecting with both TNS & ODP.NET strings in 19.3.3, however any Version after this, the same settings will NOT connect, and I have no idea why?

The error I receive is 'Connection request Timed Out' but this error only happens on V19.3.4 and above

Any Ideas/thoughts?

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Added on Oct 18 2022
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