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Java HotSpot Virtual Machine

unable to connect to other process

sascha4jMay 3 2016 — edited May 10 2016

Java Mission Control is a very important tool for me. i use it very often. unfortunately it  doesn't work any more on my developer machine and i didn't know what changed.  i am not able to connect to any other process any more. i got the message "JRockit is no longer supported" of course the jvm options -XX:+UnlockCommercialFeatures -XX:+FlightRecorder are set.  i tried different versions jdk 1.7.55 and jdk 1.8.60 but all the same.

i use  a windows 7 machine  with 16 GB RAM.

any idea what the problem is?

JMC could  do a flight recording on its own.  but all other processes i got no chance.


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Locked on Jun 7 2016
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