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Unable to connect to 19c database using sqlcl 20.3 - Invalid argument

User_8G51CDec 21 2020

I got the error below when trying to connect to Oracle 19c database using sqlcl version 20.3. However it worked fine with 12c database. Searching the web, it looks like other people got the same error and the work around suggested was to set CONNECTION_PROPERTY_THIN_NET_DISABLE_OUT_OF_BAND_BREAK to "true"
Where / what file should I set this parameter? Is this a bug in sqlcl 20.3. Is there a permanent fix for this issue?
scott@ubuntu:~$ sql scott/tiger@orcl
SQLcl: Release 20.3 Production on Mon Dec 21 14:28:04 2020
Copyright (c) 1982, 2020, Oracle. All rights reserved.
USER = scott
URL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@orcl
Error Message = IO Error: Invalid argument, Authentication lapse 0 ms.
Username? (RETRYING) ('scott/*********@orcl'?)

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Added on Dec 21 2020