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Unable to connect Oracle forms 12c to Oracle Database 19c

Engineerr1983Feb 7 2024 — edited Feb 7 2024


I installed Oracle Forms in a VMware workstation, Oracle database 19c and oracle forms both on the same drive C:, but each one of them is on different home,

I am able to connect to Database through SQL application in both Oracle database home and also in Oracle forms home, and also able to tnsping without problems to the database using tnsping application in both Oracle database home and Oracle forms home

the Oracle forms installation type is (stand alone) with instance (form1)

The folder forms1 contains both tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files exactly the as Oracle main database home..

The service name is ORCL.

the files contents shown below

also those files exist in forms main home folder, and with the same parameters

It keeps loading when trying to connect from forms builder application to Oracle database.

I only configured the Oracle forms instance folder after finishing the installation of the forms application (stand alone) and nothing else..

Am I missing something here?


This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Feb 8 2024
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Added on Feb 7 2024