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Unable to change language, as mandatory question has "stolen" cursor focus

matt-chFeb 12 2024

Hi OPM community,

Here's an odd one…I have added an additional language - Polish - to my policy. It took a bit of figuring out, as the language drop-down is not turned on, by default, in the interview Style settings.

I now have the - rather unconvincing - default globe icon showing, but am having difficulties actually changing language.

This seems to be because the first question is mandatory, and unless it is filled out immediately upon launching the interview, the focus (if that's the right word) stays on that question. If I navigate over to the globe, and try and select Polish, the presented language does not change.

However, if I satisfy the mandatory question by adding even a single character, then I can change language no problem.

See screenshot.

And after satisfying the mandatory question…(I just added the “1” in the field)

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Added on Feb 12 2024