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Unable to add security to an existing Oracle NoSQL Database CE installation

User_GX5XXApr 6 2022 — edited Apr 7 2022

I deployed Oracle NoSQL Database CE on Minikube using this image: oracle/nosql:19.5-ce []
I followed this doc to make the db secure:
In the 3rd step, I used -pwdfile option since my db is CE version.
However, in the 7th step of this doc, I could not log in admin as anonymous as it should be. Instead, I was asked to provide a username and a password as you can see in the picture below:
Oracle_NoSQL_CE_Security_Problem.pngMy Oracle NoSQL Database deployment and service yaml:
oracleNosql-deployment.yaml (0 Bytes)
So, what is that I am missing here?

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Added on Apr 6 2022