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Unable to access hosted machine using Oracle SGD.

Gopal Rao (Oracle)Sep 14 2017 — edited Sep 14 2017

Hi Team,

I am currently using VNC to access my hosted box and I was told that it is not secure and was suggested to use the Oracle Secure Global Desktop instead. In the past (about a year ago), I had somehow configured my machine to show up in the SGD webtops where I used to see few links and I can open up xterm windows and my Linux Deskop from the SGD. But now when I try to login to SGD using my linux credentials, I see the the webtop (image attached), but clicking on the link gives the following error:

Trying application server

Starting execution protocol engine


Script 11073 exited with code 21 and signal 0

Standard error of script process:

Third tier output log:

Session failed: Transport not available

Session failed: Transport not available


In the above links, the I do not recognize the server "slciais". Can someone please tell me how exactly to use SGD to connect to my hosted machine instead of using VNC?

Thanks in advance


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Added on Sep 14 2017
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