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Unable to access forms web app (10g) since installing Java 1.8u201

User_MDRGCJan 12 2023

We have two versions of our business web application, compiled under 10g and 12c. The 10g version needs Java 1.6u45, while the 12c runs under 1.8u201.
Until yesterday, I only had 1.6 installed and accessed to the 10g version (vía Microsoft Edge, Explorer compatibility mode). Like the rest of my team, I installed the 1.8u21 jre and I can get into the 12c version fine, but I can no longer get into the 10g. Bear in mind that other developers have both jre installed and don't have any trouble getting into one version or the other of the web app, Windows seems to be smart enough to launch the right jre or they have the right setting, but I don't even have been given a choice.
Edge shows an almost blank page, with a # symbol and no errors. Java console doesn't even launch, I can't see any errors. This has happened before and the only solution was to uninstall 1.8 and lose access to 12c but this time it's not working, I've gone through several uninstalls and restarts and even without 1.8 in the system, application refuses to load

error_java.jpgAll the urls in the domains are added to the Exception Site list in the Java control panel and I have tried activating both or just one of the jre and leaving the other deactivated but nothing works. I'm guessing some obscure setting, registry entry or file somewhere, given it still happens after an uninstall, but I'm out of ideas.
Anybody has come up with this before? Any ideas?

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Added on Jan 12 2023