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Ultra 40 will not boot into OS

807557Mar 14 2010 — edited Mar 20 2010
Greetings, my ultra 40 will not boot into its os. The system posts and I cangetinto the bios setup, but that as far as the system will go. After the post and the sun logo splash screen the screen goes blank...noting but when i hit the F2 key the bottom left of the screen says please wait. Also I just installed a Nvidia D870 tesla into the system. please help me im lost and I spent the whole day on the net looking for a solution.


I've tried ever combo with Video Cards and the D870 and C870 (originally installed during the OS install). Ive received Keyboard Fault and Main Fan Fault errors.....but those were fixed. Have no Idea. It cant be the system board or is it?
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Locked on Apr 11 2010
Added on Mar 14 2010