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uln-yum-mirror script is not providing errata information!

MatthewLinuxJun 18 2019 — edited Aug 22 2019

Late last week we noticed that we are not getting errata information (via updateinfo.xml) into our local yum repos and thus our Spacewalk server. I've been tracking it down for a few days and I've noticed that the script for uln-yum-mirror isn't processing the updateinfo.xml for some repos, or something changed with how updateinfo.xml is getting downloaded and processed to where it doesn't get integrated into the repos and clients are not getting errata information any longer. Does anyone at Oracle know about this? Anyone else noticing the same situation?

I'm using an OL 6 server with uln-yum-mirror-0.3.0-3.el6.noarch as our local yum mirror.

I just ran through the entire uln mirror process using bash -x (debug) and I notice that the script is looking for strictly updateinfo.xml.gz but for the ol6_x86_64_latest or ol7_x86_64_latest repos, in the /var/cache/yum/ directory the updateinfo.xml.gz is prepended with a hash, e.g.


In this case the script doesn't find any updateinfo.xml and skips the modifyrepo portion. This is causing a major problem for us because we rely on Errata information in the repos for security patching and reporting.

Thanks for your attention.

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Added on Jun 18 2019