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Type: Select List. Changing the type to select list using the data on Apex 5.04

3474044Jun 22 2017 — edited Jun 22 2017

Hi all,

I have another question about my project. I have a data and made modal page using it (to edit the actual table on the main page). But, i want to change the default text field to dropdown - "select list" type editor. I have 3 type of the "location name" and want to show them on the drop down list.

To do that, i chose "select list" for type on identification. Then, i chose type: "sql query" for list of values and build it using Data -> the location (the name of the raw)-> run -> return.

But, i get this error message: "

Wrong number of columns selected in the SQL query. See Help of attribute for details.

What can i do for solving it? Thanks for any help!!!!.

The following screenshots are for to clarify my question and information i provided.



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Added on Jun 22 2017