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ttRepAdmin show high latency

3206761Mar 26 2016 — edited Mar 31 2016


1- when looking to the ttRepAdmin output i see high number in latency , which i guess is the reason why the logs accumulation start increasing .

# ttRepAdmin -dsn db1 -receiver -list

Peer name         Host name                 Port    State  Proto Track

----------------  ------------------------                ------     ------- ----- -----

DB_standby            GeoDB_040          14550  Start      38     0

LastMsgSent       LastMsgRecv   Latency      TPS     RecordsPS      Logs

-------------                ------------          -------         -------     ---------            ------------

00:00:00            00:00:00             507.30       1544     1956             31

2- Checking the Network i see the Send-Q in netstat command is releasing quickly but always stay on high numbers too

(Send-Q will be that data which the sending application has given to the transport, but has yet to be Acknowledged by the receiving TCP)

Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address               Foreign Address                            State       PID/Program name

tcp      120 147696      localDB_address:35332       GeoDB_040:14550              ESTABLISHED 1678/timestenrepd  

tcp        0    120          localDB_address:14550          GeoDB_040:47707              ESTABLISHED 1678/timestenrepd  

3- during the issue also check inserting manually data in replication tables and some time , it return with error for time exceed  to commit the change ( asynchronous replication )

4- Checking the Network it provide is is healthy and no latency in the network side.

5- I also checked the NTP but i do not see any problem there

6- I have another DB with same location and IP network setting as the two above working just fine with out latency

7- nothing up normal with CPU or memory

8- TimesTen: Release:

9- The issue appear only when server  (localDB_address) getting high traffic

10- after the high traffic finished replication  logs start to decreases slowly and then get back to normal and no more latency appear.

11- There is possibility the number of the non replicated logs reach to threshold which 256 files and then the replication break,, and it did happens couples of time already.

12- FYI, when i do restart the replication during the high traffic is actually help to reduce the latency.

My question here will be :-

1- is there is way i can improve the TT replication latency?

2- As restart the replication demon during the problem i guess there is something went wrong with it, but still what else i should check during the traffic to see if it application issue or TT Replication daemon issue.?

Any help will be appreciated or refer me to documentation

Many Thanks

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