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Trying to run application which uses Oracle libraries on Visual Studio 2005

3020337Aug 26 2015 — edited Aug 26 2015

I am trying to run existing C++ application which uses OCCI libraries - for example in Linker->Input this project has specified oraocci10.lib. I would really appreciate if I get some help here because I am stuck on my own.

I am using Visual Studio 2005.

Here is list of actions I did. Please see if I missed something or did wrong.

  1. Downloaded package from here(1st and 5th packages - Basic lite and SDK packages):
  2. Set environment variables (it seems I have some Oracle client already installed - please see paths below):
    1. ORACLE_HOME: C:\app\g\product\11.2.0\client_2;
    2. TNS_ADMIN: C:\app\g\product\11.2.0\client_2\Network\Admin
  3. Set paths to oracle libraries in my project:
    1. C/C++->General->Include directories: D:\instantclient_10_2\sdk\include
    2. Linker->Additional Library directories: D:\instantclient_10_2\sdk\lib\msvc
  4. In Code Generation->Runtime Library: Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)

My application compiles but I get run time errors. When I run this application as a standalone exe (without compiling the executable, I was given that exe separately also) it works fine, connects with the database, etc.

So something must be wrong how I configured Visual Studio against these OCCI libraries. I would really appreciate some help where I have gone wrong, as I am nearing point where I can't guess what I have done wrong.

NB: Please note I have not downloaded anything except instant client packages like I mentioned above. Some Oracle Client installation was already on my computer - available on this path: C:\app\g\product\11.2.0. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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