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Trying to confirm WebLogic Portal 10.3.2 installation file

654134May 6 2015 — edited May 12 2015

I'm trying to help a Weblogic Portal customer to determine if an installation file that they have, which they believe is for WebLogic Portal version 10.3.2, is in fact the correct file.

The file that they have is is reporting as 1,082,109,440 bytes and it has an MD5 checksum of 2f9fc126dfe88d916a86b1a30cca200c. 

Unfortunately, the timestamp is off (it shows today’s date) due to the file having been copied around from computer to computer.

Is there any way I can find the install file that someone would have downloaded from Oracle.COM back when Weblogic Portal version 10.3.2 was the current version?

Thanks in advance for any assistance

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Added on May 6 2015
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