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trigger exception - no connection to remote DB

gambro2Aug 12 2011 — edited Aug 12 2011
Hi all,

I'm looking for a sophisticated solution for exception handling when a remote database can not be connected.
I do have a trigger doing a DML on a table in a remote system which is down once a month for backup.
At the moment I send notifications per mail from the triggers exception handler and update these records later on manually.

I guessthere is a more convenient way to capture this.
First I was thinking about a dbms_lock.sleep, but that wouldn't commit the DML that was executed on the base table for quite some time which I don't want.
Another option could be to insert the PK (+ the DML type) of the failing records into a separate table and have a procedure execute the trigger for these records again few hours later...

Is there any other option to acomplish this?
Thanks for any ideas.

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Added on Aug 12 2011
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