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Trigger Dynamic Action from Popup Window

devlarrySep 8 2015 — edited Oct 2 2015

I have a pop up window which a user chooses a name from a report (address book). When they select the user the name, phone, and email populate the main form. The pop up has JavaScript that populates the opener.document fields. I created a Dynamic Action that uses the on change event to run a PL/SQL code to fill in the users supervisors information. The problem is the setting the fields in the opener from the popup appears to not trigger the onchange event. If I manually enter the information the process triggers and works. I have tried several ways to set the value using the $s() and document.getElement... but still no onchange trigger. I googled to see if someone else encountered this and had a solution but did not find any that works. I came across the apex.event.trigger but it fires it the pop up window and not in the opener window. I could not find any way to reference through javascript, jquery, or apex the "opener.window" to trigger the change.

I was wondering if anyone had any solution or thoughts of a solution?

Thanks in advance for all assistance.


Oracle APEX 4.2.6

Database 11g

Chrome Browser

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