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Tree Table : Setting bind variable in child VO

User_5EGGZSep 6 2008 — edited Oct 5 2008
HI folks ...
I have a requirement which goes like this :

I have a tree table which is based on 3 VOs i.e One VO for parent nodes and 2 VOs which are shuttled in AM through View Links, to show all the child
elements. We know that in order to execute parent VO's query and set bind variables on it , if the need be , can be done very easily by accessing VO
instance and executeQuery on it in an AM method before the tree gets rendered. But in my case i have bind variable in my parent VO as well as child
VO which depicts child nodes in the tree table. and before the tree gets rendered i want to access all the VO instances i.e parent as well as child and set
their bind variables. I tried accessing these VO instances in an AM method (which executes before the tree is rendered ) and set bind variable on them
but it doesnt work and tree is getting displayed as usual without filtering of child nodes.

Anybody please help how to set bind variables in the child VO to further filter them in tree table.
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