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Translated List not refreshing correctly.

joejettaSep 12 2016

I am using APEX 5.0 and I have  Static Shared Components List that I'm using in a list region with the Cards template.  Within each of the List's entries I've checked the box to make them translateable.  I've seeded, and put a translation in and published.  I have a translate select list page item that will redirect to the current page and set the FSP_LANGUAGE_PREFERENCE = <language selected>. 

The problem I have is that it sets FSP_LANGUAGE_PREFERENCE but the List does not refresh to show the translated values on the first go.  If I select the same language from the language select list it redirects and sets again and the correct translation appears.

I've been trying all kinds of work arounds and no luck so far.  Any ideas?

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