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Tracking the source of Data in cell

JanGLiJun 22 2017 — edited Jun 22 2017


Due to some reasons i am getting unwanted values on my data form cell. Either someone is manually entering them, or they are being thrown on that cell by some business rule.I am trying to find the source of that data using hsp_audit_records table.

I am trying to search the member combinations in these columns, id_2 and new_val
Kindly help me get some answers.

1 - Is there any other way i can view this information other than hsp_audit_records

2 - When data us thrown by calculation script, column old_val will show the new value and column old_value will show the old value. kindly correct if i am wrong.

3 - Data thrown via FDMEE, will it be logged in hsp_audit_records table?


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