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TimesTen aggregation on same hierarchical level

Johan (South Africa)Jan 19 2016 — edited Jan 20 2016


I am using the following TimesTen aggregation script to populate a TimesTen table:

CREATE aggregates

FOR "MyBusinessModel"."Fact Daily"("Connection Count",
      "Disconnection Count")
  AT levels ("Vodacom"."Hier Day"."Calendar Month".....

The time hierarchy in the BMM layer in the OBIEE repository is defined as follows:

Hier Day

  Calendar Year (Jan-Dec)

    Calendar HY

      Calendar Qtr

        Calendar Month

          Calendar Day

  Fiscal Year (Apr-Mar)

    Fiscal HY

      Fiscal Qtr

        Fiscal Month

          Fiscal Day

I want to aggregate both the calendar and fiscal periods on a month level in the same TT aggregation script. They are however at the same level within the same hierarchy in the BMM layer in the OBIEE repository. I receive an error that prevents me from aggregating two levels in the same hierarchy. Any suggestions on how this can be accomplished?



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