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Timestamp database value is represented as invalid item data value

sgalaxyJan 12 2022

Hi all,
I developed a sample form in (apex version 21.2).
The form is based on a single db table containing a timestamp data column among the others.
Above the form region, i developed a region of type 'static content' consisting of some items (as a criteria region).
The purpose of these items is to set the values to the form region relative items so as the
'create' button to save the new record into the database.

In order to accomplish my purpose, i set up a dynamic action to the last item in the static content region.
The properties of this dynamic action is as follow:
when dynamic action = true, Set Value

  set type : sql statement  

affected items : the name of items in the form region which are hidden. Their values are are populated using the sql statement.
The sql statement is :
from exp_ermh_csbasic_all csb
join h_timo tim
on tim.timo = csb.bs_rate
where CSC_CUST_CALC_KEY = :P2_1_CR
and period_id = :P2_2_CR
and bs_rate = :p2_3_CR;

All item values from the above sql statements are transferred correctly to the hidden data items in the form region (i confirmed that
using the web browser console, writing : apex.item("<item_name>").getValue()). The exception is the item 'CSCUSTM_CSBASIC_TS' (which is
a timestamp database column). The value written to the apex hidden form item is '12/07/2008 07:04:59,504116' instead of '12/7/2008 07:04:59,504116'.
The result is the error 'ORA - 01843: not a valid month' when trying to save the record in the database.
Is there any workaround?

Note: I defined the format mask for the timestamp item in form as: dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi:ss,ff

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Added on Jan 12 2022