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this be a winner microsoft has abuilty to use certifices to log into any system how stop this

user-o3oirApr 23 2023

microsoft uses certifice base login there no logs on this throw proof is all over the system, when looking at key certifices u find the use of them controls the hole pc, now i found some programs wont install if u disable the certifice or make them off line

microsoft dose not use there own certifices they come from 3 sights to log in, log in dir under system 32 catroot. is where certifice log in takes place they have abuilty to take or del anything at will but they are not able to break the encription not with out the certifice key

so quistion this how can one find some one trying remote log in for any reason log it and then force connection in to a loop that they cant break throw cant access the system eather, in short u bring down the server that is doing the remote login

i have proof that microsoft and cisco are two that montors everything gose on with the servers, it is ileagle as this infromation going to china so how can we stop remote loging or, and or deteckt hidden account log in and do the same in fack cant we make a script when they do log in it takes information of there network

this would be proof that they did indead try steel information, so is there any way decteck remote logins and force down load of every log on there computer or servers and then lock the screen so it cant be broken ?

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Added on Apr 23 2023