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There is no row at position 0 - VS Dataset Designer

User_29XGUJul 5 2021

Hello all,
I am trying to migrate my project from using Oracle Unmanaged driver to Oracle Managed one. I changed the connection strings and the code wherever Oracle.DataAccess namespace was referenced (in datasets too). My application builds and runs successfully with all functions working as expected.
The problem is when I open one of my Datasets in the VS Dataset Designer and I right click on a table adapter and select Configure and try to run through the wizard the Insert, Update and Delete commands are not created with the error "there is no row at position 0".
It is a shame because I prefer using the unmanaged driver but this problem is preventing me. Did anyone have the same problem before? Can it be fixed?

This post has been answered by Alex Keh-Oracle on Jul 5 2021
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Added on Jul 5 2021