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There is no company more laughable and backwards than Oracle

John SvitlikFeb 1 2024 — edited Feb 2 2024

Nothing but pages and pages of users that cannot delete their tenancy. Why are they deleting their tenancy? Because the cloud dashboard has the resilience of a malnourished tumbleweed, and one little misconfiguration can spring errors in 10 other places and bring everything to a deadlock. There is no redundancy, no built-in configuration save-points, nothing to fall back on if your outdated documentation isn't followed to the T.

I do not understand how one of the oldest and (if not the) largest tech infrastructure company can be such a metaphysical circus show.

How many thousands of potential customers are they throwing down the drain because of this absolutely backwards way to manage and design CI provisioning.

I requested my tenancy for deletion almost half a year ago after being unable to configure a VM which resulted in a botched network configuration with no way to revert. In October I received an email that it was “successfully deleted”. Today I logged in to find that my tenancy is still here. Except nothing works on any dashboard. No tenancy and no organization, with no way to create a new one either, I guess my main e-mail account is nuked with anything to do with OCI. I have had hopeless back-and-forth with oracle support prior to this, and they reassured me it would be deleted. Then I searched the community (

I did what was suggested in their support documentation (

The official Oracle documentation on non-technical SRs is a decade out of date. (

And the conclusion I came to is there is no way to wrangle this beaurocratic nightmare ghoul of a company into doing the bare minimum, and then giving them my money.

I mean what am I supposed to make of this? Support identifier? System serial numbers?? Why in God's name does someone have to deal with all this and dig through support documentation to figure out to even BEGIN the process of receiving support, through some netscape 2008 UI? Where are all the billions going? Oracle is probably spending fortunes paying off ransomware instead of fixing their experience…

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Added on Feb 1 2024