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Theoretical question on having "stand by" instance on 4 node RAC cluster.

540395Mar 28 2007 — edited Apr 3 2007
We have been having discussions on how we can improve the overall stability and performance of our RAC cluster. Currently we are running multiple databases on a 2 node cluster. The idea is that we will add two more nodes to the cluster and then spread the instances across the 4 nodes but only have two active and 1 as a standby in the event of node failure.

In other words:
Node1, Node2, and Node3 would run DB1
Node 4 Node3 and Node2 would run DB2

Additionally DB1_Instance3 would be shutdown on Node3 and only started if Node1 or 2 failed.

This would be the same for DB2 where DB2_Instance3 on Node2 would only be started if Node3 or Node4 failed.

Underneath them all would be the same ASM database shared for all 4 nodes.

Has anyone seen such a configuration? Is anyone aware of a white paper that discusses it.
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Added on Mar 28 2007