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The Meaning of elapsed time in sql

784287Aug 24 2010 — edited Aug 24 2010
hi all

A simple question about elapsed time in v$sql.

I know it means that a total time when a query is executing.

I think that

elapsed time = cpu time + user i/o wait time + application_wait_time
+ concurrency_wait_time + cluster_wait_time + plsql_exec_time + java_exec_time

of course elapsed time couldn't be exactly same with a sum of above stuff, because its value is accumulated value.

but i have some weird data. its value is bigger 130% than the sum. i have no idea where other 30% comes from.

its value is too big to ignore.

does anybody have a idea?

(it is single core environment)

thanks in advance..
This post has been answered by Salman Qureshi on Aug 24 2010
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