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Thank you Dyn for many years of service.

eb6b1d95-75e7-485d-8e8e-c31037255698Nov 24 2019 — edited Nov 24 2019

I have been a Dyn customer for 16 years.  I would like to sincerely thank the original Dyn team for all of their service and support.

It is with a heavy heart that I must bid Dyn a sad goodbye.  I read in another post that the Lifetime DNS Service will no longer be honored.  In my opinion that is a bad move.  But than again I am just a small time customer with very few queries. 

It would seem that Oracle has done what they do best..  Thank you Oracle for ruining a long standing relationship.  I can see no other reason why this would be done as it is unlikely that us few Lifetime customers are costing the company money.  In fact nearly all the other domain registrars offer free DNS by default.

Any who.  My hatred for Oracle increases with every acquisition. 

Thanks again to the pre-Oracle DYN team for the 16 years of great Service.

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Added on Nov 24 2019