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Text box does not show up in HTML

Bhautesh VedJan 11 2024

I am trying to create a HTML page for my J2EE project. The input text boxes and the Submit button do not show up. I

My code is as follows. I have also attached a snapshot of my HTML page.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns:th="">


<meta charset="UTF-8">

<title>Custom Login Page</title>



<h3>My Custom Login Page</h3>

<form action="#" th:action="@{/authenticateTheUser}" method="POST">


User name:<input:type="text" name="username"/>



Password:<input:type="password" name="password"/>


<input:type="submit" value="Login"/>





This post has been answered by Bhautesh Ved on Jan 11 2024
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Added on Jan 11 2024
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