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Testing the working of JMS Queue and Topic

953161Aug 2 2012 — edited Aug 27 2012
Hi all,

Ive successfully installed WebLogic 10.3 and UIM 7.2.0. Currently at the post-installation phase of 'configuring JMS Servers and Destinations' and Im using this oracle guide:

All has beeen smooth sailing up till the final phase of 'testing the working of JMS Queue and Topic'. The dilemma is when I tried posting messages on the http://localhost:7003/messaging using my ownManaged Server port. Having posted few messages at the field to 'post message to the queue', I tried to verify my actions via console by 'Services > Messaging > JMS Module' In here, I clicked xxxQueue > Monitoring and no value has been registered in my table's 'Messages High' and 'Messages Total' column. Im pretty sure I did everything to the letters whilst changing accordingly. When I proceeded with posting messages at the field to 'post message to the topic' this error occured:

error javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve 'dizzyworldTopic'. Resolved ''; remaining name 'dizzyworldTopic'

Im guessing the file that I downloaded for this tutorial under the 'messaging.war' file has been preconfigured to include 'dizzyworldTopic' and the likes as the default value, thus the dilemma. I tried changing the .war file but could not figure it just yet. I can view it via winrar but not edit it.

1) Any idea what in that .war file that should be altered? What software can I use to edit them?
2) Did I missed any crucial steps? Though Im pretty sure I did it correctly as I repeatedly created it from scratch 2-3 times.

Do advise. Much appreciated. Thanks guys!
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Added on Aug 2 2012