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Terminal Update Compatible with IPv6

User_HRK8JJan 9 2023

I am looking for a reliable way of updating a host with an IPv6 address solely using command line. My ISP recently started giving me a /56 and I made the switch to pfSense on my home stuff to better support this. However, pfSense (and most things) only focus on IPv4, which is understandable since v6 addresses aren't supposed to change.
However, my prefix changes about as often as my v4; which is either at random when the ISP connection goes down or whenever my stuff is down for a few hours. For example; just before Christmas I had to have my electrical service panel changed, causing about a 7 hour outage. Both my v4 and v6 prefix-delegations changed. The two months the new system had been online everything stayed the same.
I've inserted a page in to my pfSense install that displays the public v4 from the interface; it basically calls a shell script that gets that information from that interfaces ifconfig output. I can get my v6 information on each machine in a similar manner. I've tried using curl to update via https using the api (https://{user}:{updater client key}{hostname}&myip={IP Address}), but this just returns a 'badrequest' after a few minutes.
My changes are infrequent, and my plan is to have a shell script that will determine if update is even needed before attempting to update. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried inadyn but it seems to fail with ipv6 enabled. ddclient's documentation has mixed information about supporting ipv6.


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Added on Jan 9 2023