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tcps certificate replacement procedure

juliojgsFeb 1 2024

Hi, this is oracle 19

Due to client requirements, database connections have to be secure with tpcs 2484 port. The people who set it up are unavailable.

The cert is near to expiry date, and I have been ordered to replace it.

I see they set up a wallet (auto login) and referenced it in listener.ora and also in sqlnet.ora

This is what I did, hoping not to screw anything:

I generated a p12 file with the renewed certificate (incluying private key)

Backup the wallet folder.

Imported this p12 it in the wallet, so then I had two user certs there (old and new) .

Deleted the old one. Stop and start listener, and I checked with openssl that the 2484 port shows the renewed cert. Looks good.

… but … just after removing the old cert, it now shows under “Requested certificates”

Why did it go from user certificates to requested certificates? Is this … normal?


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Added on Feb 1 2024