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TCP behavior with OJDBC

User_FH29LMay 10 2022

I hope this is the right place to ask, do not hesitate to correct me if needed.
I have an issue with the TCP handshake of the JDBC version The connection to the Oracle DB is not established because during the initial handshake, the driver sends a packet with the TCP flags "PSH, ACK, URG" and this very packet is dropped by the firewall sitting between the client and the server because it is considered as "malformed".
I have tested with and the OJDBC version and we don't have any issue because there's no special TCP flags used.
My question is : is the use of the TCP flags "PSH, ACK, URG" an expected behavior from the OJDBC driver ? Why did it change between those two OJDBC versions ?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards

This post has been answered by MichaelFromOracle-Oracle on May 16 2022
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Added on May 10 2022