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Task Flow refreshes when Refresh=ifNeeded and active property is evaluating to false!? Bug?

mieszczanAug 29 2015 — edited Nov 11 2015


I have noticed strange thing, probably a bug.

Task flow is included as a region, Refresh=ifNeeded, activation=conditional and active=#{bindings.param eq 'value'}.

Why in such a case my region refreshes (task flow executes) even when active is evaluated to false? Input params was changed but I don't want to refresh this region (only other based on the same taskflow when active is evaluating to true)

It seams that Refresh=ifNeeded take a precedence over active=false!? Why? I think that this is a bug.

How can I prevent from refreshing this region and from re-exectuting task flow when Refresh=ifNeeded and input param was changed? (This input param is just a session refresh flag triggering regions(task flows) in many other cases)

Is there any different option to achieve this?




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