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Table refresh after insert shows empty cells

xDestinatioNxNov 10 2015 — edited Nov 10 2015

Hello experts,

I'm trying to insert custom values from some input fields into a table displayed on my page. The table comes from an Entity based VO with a sequence number and some Constraints.

The sequence number stacks automatically handled by the database.

The input fields are binded to a managed bean to get the value with "getValue()" and then I build a String for the input. The String gets afterwards splitted in the VO as some Attributes with the following SQL calculation for example:

REGEXP_SUBSTR(Attribute3, '[^,]+', 1, 5)

But this is on the Database/ViewObject Layer.

Following I invoke the method from the VO Impl to create the new row like this:

Managed Bean:

OperationBinding operationBinding = bindings.getOperationBinding("addRow");

operationBinding.getParamsMap().put("value1", someInt);

operationBinding.getParamsMap().put("value2", someIntToo);

operationBinding.getParamsMap().put("value3", someString);


VO Impl:

public void addRow(Integer value1, Integer value2, String value3) {

ViewObject vo = this;

Row newRow = vo.createRow();

newRow.setAttribute("Attribute1", value1);

newRow.setAttribute("Attribute2", value2);

newRow.setAttribute("Attribute3", value3);




I'm catching no exceptions yet, but when I insert everything correctly and trigger the managed bean code via a button action, the table will show the new row with correct Integers, but the String splitted by the SQL calculation from above only shows as empty cells. After searching with the table filter and removing the filter search again, the Strings show up correctly.

For example, after insert:


Then after "refreshing" with the filter:


What can I do about this? I can't really insert the data via InsertWithParams, 'cause I need to build the String with some Java Code.

It only dont show the data after inserting, PartialTrigger(s) also wont work.

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