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Table or view does not exists when importing between schemas in the same database

TurntableZAug 15 2018 — edited Aug 16 2018

Hello all.

Anyone had an issue where you have a dev schema(let's call this DEV_SCHEMA) and a test schema(let's call this TEST_SCHEMA) in the same database and when you export your application from DEV_SCHEMA to TEST_SCHEMA, you get an error saying table or view does not exist on the pages that you have been working on in DEV_SCHEMA?

The tables or view it is referrencing do exist though in TEST_SCHEMA. The only way to rectify this, is go in to the page and edit the item/region and put an space in to the query/source, so it does a hard parse on the page when you save and it then finds the table.

This is very puzzling.

Any help would be grateful!


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Added on Aug 15 2018