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T7-1/T7-2 Power, WTF?

RreinemanMar 15 2016 — edited Mar 16 2016

This is the oddest hardware issue I have seen for a new system, ever.  We have two new T7 servers that are complaining about low line voltage.  The servers are working OK except for the yellow fault lights and the ILO errors.

The servers shipped with standard NEMA 5-15, 15A 125V power cable, the same ones we all use on everything else.

The install documentation states the server requires 200-240V, and shows a picture of a NEMA 6-15 which is a 15A 250V plug.

The Hardware guide states the power supply is 100-240V:

So the server complaining seems to sort of match what the documentation states, if we assume the complaint is because I'm using 110V when the server wants 220V, which seems reasonable.

The thing is that nobody I know has ever seen a NEMA 6-15 in use in the United States.  I called SharkRack to see if they had a PDU for our racks that supported the NEMA 6-15, they had never even heard of such a thing.  I'm thinking the documentation is wrong or not intended for the US or something like that.  IN any case it's pretty confusing and a thorough search of T7 documentation doesn't clear it up.

Which leaves me with an operational server that is complaining about line voltage:

-> show /System/Open_Problems

Open Problems (2)

Date/Time                 Subsystems          Component

------------------------  ------------------  ------------

Fri Feb 19 23:58:39 2016  Power               PS0 (Power Supply 0)

        AC input to the PSUs are not configured properly for server operation.

        (Probability:100, UUID:40ddfef5-ee80-ecd1-b9da-ee79f478543b,

        Resource:/SYS/PS0, Part Number:7044130, Serial

        Number:465824T+1530C39030, Reference


Tue Mar 15 18:19:07 2016  Power               PS1 (Power Supply 1)

        AC input to the PSUs are not configured properly for server operation.

        (Probability:100, UUID:b1e11e0f-e229-c2b8-c75c-ed42a26750f2,

        Resource:/SYS/PS1, Part Number:7044130, Serial

        Number:465824T+1530C39014, Reference


Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Added on Mar 15 2016