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Synchronize and migrating between 2 different databases

YockeeMar 25 2022

I got a request that might end up into big problem. There are 2 questions here.
I am in the beginning of migrating 2 different databases (normal DB, not spatial), from oracle 11g to Postgres 12.5
What factors are to be considered before the project begin ? Any thoughts are welcome

The Oracle 11g is the old system that want to be migrated to PG 12.5. Many apps depend on it and it has also some PL/SQL, but not that many.
To complicate things, it turns out that there are also some apps developed under the new PG database. The data in PG, somehow, also need to be replicated back to Oracle. Seems that there are some features of apps under Oracle that are not yet developed / supported in PG. Now the 2 dbs are in danger of out-of-synch.
Is there such a tool to do two way replications ( I assume its not a full replication, but more like table to table replication) ? I have never heard such a thing nor I have done some research on it.


This post has been answered by kpatenge-Oracle on Mar 28 2022
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Added on Mar 25 2022