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Switchover in a 2 standby configuration

DMXJul 11 2021 — edited Jul 15 2021

Good morning folks

I have this configuration between a primary database(Prim) and two physical standby(Stand1 and Stand2). The configuration has been made for prim to be able to replicate to Stand1 and Stand2, but Stand1 and Stand2 cant communicate to each other(for a reason that doesn't worth to mention here). My question is, in order to switchover and then switchback to one of my standby, do i need to make visible each standby one another or can i do the switchover in the current situation? Below are the details of my configuration:

DB: Oracle 12.2 EE
Prim: 2- node RAC
Stand1: single instance
Stand2: node RAC
Configuration: Maximun performance



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Added on Jul 11 2021