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Swing on IPAQ - Step-by-Step

843849Jul 23 2002 — edited May 12 2003
***(IF YOU want to use Jeode and not personal java then goto bottom)

Personal Java is the older, yet perfectly usable, version of J2ME...I think it is better...

To get it working go to the early access release section of and download the personal java for windows ce ( ). Then, download swing...( )

Fix the swing bug:

1) Extract the (from the swing-1.1.1fcsdistribution)
2) in javax/swing you'll find the file
3) Open it your favorite editor
4) Comment line 677 "Method m = Class.class.getMethod("getProtectionDomain", null);"
5) Insert the line "Method m = Class.class.getMethod("getPackage", null);" just after the old one.
6) Save and compile.
7) Copy the Swingall.jar archive in the root of the exstracter (ie the same level of the javax and com
8) Jarize it (jar uvf swingall.jar

***JEODE & Personal Java

Now you have a swing jar file and the personaljava runtime or Jeode.

To make programs it is best if you use JDK1.1.8.
Write the program
move the class files to the PPC.
copy over the swing jar file and place in classpath
run program!!!!

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