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Support for loading PDF in IE10

YuvaCFeb 6 2024 — edited Feb 6 2024

Hi Team,
We are developing a react application for EHRs (Epic, Cerner...), in which we have a requirement to embed PDF view within the application. We have initially used html tags like <embed>, <object> to load PDFs, but they were not supported in epic hyperspace embedded environment. So, they have suggested us to use either pdf.js library or AGL (API provided by epic vendor services). As AGL only works with epic we choose to use react-pdf package which internally uses pdf.js to load the PDFs.
Cerner sandbox is supporting this package but does it support in cerner prodcution/other test environments?
Few EHRs still request to support IE 10 but there is no support for IE 10 for react-pdf package, so what can be the alternative to embed pdf in EHRs that supports IE10?

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Added on Feb 6 2024