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Support for Entity Attribute Value tables (International CAB)

Tmicheli-OracleOct 9 2014 — edited Jan 11 2016
  • Detail : A feature in which the entity-attribute-value model is built-in to the standard table. The e-a-v is a new type of column where the attribute name is stored in metadata, and could be different for different rows.
  • Comment:
    • –Maybe partitioning data by data type specified for Attribute row.
    • –Improved performance
    • –Ability to paralyze
    • –Would not break storage model.
  • Drivers :
    • –Several Key application rely on storing information in EAV structures and developers see as a must have.  Other options be to store this type of information in a different data store, which defeats one home for related data.
    • – Unified platform, common security model, consistent approach.
  • Issues:
    • §  • Performance
    • §  • Ability to go through large numbers of EAV' attributes fast.
    • §  • Remove the need to store data in customer format in generic types.  Better optimization make data usable by Oracle.
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Added on Oct 9 2014