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Sun Ultra 24 - BIOS Update problem

807557Aug 7 2009 — edited Aug 8 2009
I have a Sun Ultra 24 where I attempted to update the BIOS to v1.5 using the Sun Tools CD v1.3. After successful install and validation of the BIOS, I am at a POST screen where I have the option to press F1 to load default values or F2 to run setup.

The problem is that my USB keyboards are not being recognized. I have tried all USB ports and two different USB keyboards. The system gives a beep, recognizing that the keyboards are being plugged in and out, and the Caps lock LED is lit for just a second, but after that it is not recognized.

The internal LED BIOS POST code is showing "85", indicating (from the Sun manual): 1. USB final initialization. 2. Switch screen back to text mode.

I have also attempted to remove and replace the BIOS battery.

Any other thoughts as to how I can recover my BIOS or get the system to recognize a USB keyboard? I do not have any PS2 ports on this system.

Thanks for any assistance.
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