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Sun Blade 2500 with XVR-600 doesn't work with Lenovo monitor

3012797Aug 14 2015 — edited Aug 17 2015


I need to run several Sun Blade 2500 workstations each equipped with dual XVR-600 graphics cards. The machines are running Solaris 8. Changing the OS (e.g. to Solaris 9/10) is not an option.

They need to run at a resolution 1600x1200x75.

This works fine with a native 3rd party 1600x1200 monitor.

Since buying TFT monitors with that native resolution is kind of difficult nowadays, I thought:

"Why not try and connect a 1920x1200 monitor to that workstation and live with black stripes to the left and right?

Unfortunately my tries with a Lenovo Thinkvision LT2452pwc did show no success.

The monitor displays "signal out of range", which I take as an indication that there IS a signal, but it simply does not match the accepted range of that monitor.

The monitors specification does list 1600x1200 with 75 Hz, though.

So my question is:

What would be the trick to make the above mentioned combination work?

Does anybody have positive experience with connecting an up-to-date 1920x1200 monitor to a machine like the ones I use? I would love to receive your recommendations for a specific model?

A fallback option might also be to change the refresh rate to 60Hz, but my tries with "fbconfig -dev jfb0 -res 1600x1200x60" did not change anything, the adapter still works at 75Hz...

thanks in advance!

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Added on Aug 14 2015