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Sudden symptoms connecting to port 16200

Jon AlmadaMar 1 2016 — edited Mar 2 2016


I am running an Oracle WCC server on on a Windows 2008 R2 system. Had no problems with it until recently when the defaults I have set for accessing the WCC instance on port 16200 are failing from outside of the server. If I http to the WCC instance INSIDE the server, I have no issues and can reach the screen shown below. However, if I try accessing the system from outside of the hosting Windows server, I receive a timeout message as noted in the second image below. Note that can reach the Weblogic console with no issues whatsoever.

When I attempt to reach the server on port 16200 from putty via a telnet session, I get a response that doesn't close the window after the normal two carriage returns to check the http response. So...I am left to question - Do I have a problem on my WCC installation with a corrupted or bad WCC web server OR do I have a network issue? I'm leaning to the latter since WCC is responding to the localhost connectivity with no issue. Any advice would be appreciated.



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