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Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) General Discussion


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Success Stories

brjavamanFeb 3 2016

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Java EE 7 in general

  • Several projects have been donated to GitHub in which users can run test applications against new specifications. This has helped:
    • Fix bugs and tweak APIs to be more developer friendly
    • Raised awareness of Java EE 7
    • Some projects are part of the RI sample kit
  • There have been a multitude of Java EE 7 related presentations made at JUG meetings and major conferences

Java in General

JSR 310 (Date and Time)

  • A couple of workshops / hack sessions have been run for JSR-310 - Feedback from these sessions prompted bug fixes as well as API changes to make the new Date and Time API easier to use.
  • Adopt a JSR members have been involved in the full design / code / test lifecycle of JSR-310 helping ensure it makes it in time for Java 8.

JSR 335 (Lambdas)

  • Multiple talks have been given to prepare developers for Lambdas at JUG meetings and major conferences
  • Several workshops / hack sessions have been run for JSR-335 (Lambdas) - Feedback from the labs prompted bug fixes as well as API changes to make Lambdas and Collections easier to use.
    • This includes a hack day on other 3rd party collections libraries (Goldman Sachs, Guava, Trove) to get a fresh perspective
  • A Hands on Tutorial for developers learning about Lambdas.

JSR 348, 355, 358 and 364 (

  • The requirements from the Adopt a JSR programme in order to allow developers to participate helped shape the new openness and transparency rules.

Other Adopt-a-JSR Activities

Case Study CEJUG’s experience on the programmes AdoptaJSR and AdoptOpenJDK.

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Added on Feb 3 2016