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stylesheet: date of loading -4 days

User_2QBMXMay 23 2022

We would like to know how to solve the following problem.
For sending certain emails, stylesheets have been designed using XSL version 1.0
Here we want to make a timestamp minus 4 days visible in the email, but this does not seem possible. does somebody know how we can solve this?
Example: loadingdate = 2022-05-19 14:57:00 and the result we want to see back in the stylesheet is this timestamp - 4 days which results in: 2022-05-15
the XML code we use to retrieve the load date in the stylesheet is: <xsl:value-of select="/notify/Blob/xml/TenderOffer/Shipment/ShipmentStop[StopSequence='1']/DepartureTime/EventTime/PlannedTime/GLogDate"/>
The stylesheet uses version="1.0" see

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Added on May 23 2022